HFS services helping you place your aircraft in management mean protecting your investment, with safety and service in mind.

Whether you’re an individual or corporation purchasing an aircraft, placing it in operations party management is often an essential part of ownership. HFS aid you in finding the right operator to ensure your aircraft is properly kept and maintained, or employed to bring in revenues when you yourself are not flying. With HFS you have the benefit of our knowledge — understanding the operating costs and savings offered by good operators, rather than simply comparing management fees. Our key relationships with international operators mean we are ideally positioned to identify the most appropriate operator and negotiate an excellent managing contract.

Key factors to your management programme that we advise on:

  • Knowing which type of Operating Certificate you require and the Operators that have the corresponding license
  • Identifying the best of these Operators working in your region
  • Knowing which aircraft Operators currently manage
  • Identifying Operators with similar aircraft to give you greater manufacturer leverage for maintenance parts and service
  • Evaluating and advising on Operator fuel deals
  • Identifying Operators with the best maintenance schemes for your aircraft
  • Understanding Operators level of service, getting the best for your requirements
  • Assessing crew and pilot programmes and choosing the best scheme to suit you
  • Negotiating optimum management fees