About us

HFS is a one-stop boutique solution for private aviation and VIP transport worldwide. HFS operates in three divisions — Charter, Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions and Aircraft Management.

HFS Charter provides a unique service arranging fully integrated transport across Private Jets, Helicopters, Yachts and Limousines worldwide. HFS Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions provides all the services involved in the management, sale and purchase of new and pre-owned aircraft on behalf of clients.

HFS has arranged VIP transport for the government, sports, music and film industries as well as corporations and private customers around the globe. Avolus core values include:

  • Personal Touch: Our individual account managers tailor each journey to your own personal preferences
  • Global Reach: Our extensive network provides access to an international fleet offering total flexibility with transport requirements and a truly global service
  • Accuracy & Efficiency: We provide seamless, integrated travel across Private Jets, Yachts, Helicopters and Limousines helping you to be more time efficient
  • Quality of service: Above all, whether you’re chartering a private jet for the first time, or purchasing an aircraft to add to your fleet, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level quality of service